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Steps to downloading Ragnafy is easy as one, two, three. The download links are made separately depending on the files that you currently have in your computer. To prevent patching problems and errors, we suggest that you download the full installer using the most convenient download mirror for you.

For PC Installation

  1. Unlike other servers and their lite installers, we suggest you download Ragnafy's Full Installer. Downloading the full installer will prevent you from having problems with errors concerning the present files that you have compared to what is in ours. Since we have customizations, it is best and recommended that you make a new and separate folder for Ragnafy; this way you can maximize the game's specifications without errors.
  2. Please choose the Download Mirror link that's best for your device.
  3. Once fully downloaded, please select the file and Run as Adminstrator.
  4. Once opened, please choose the folder you have made specifically for Ragnafy, and extract files there.
  5. Once extracted fully, look for the Ragnafy's Patcher Icon. then open it until it gets to 100%.
  6. Make sure you registered an account to use in the website.
  7. Start the game and enjoy.

For APK Installation

  1. Download Ragnafy Android APK (ANDRO).
  2. Find "Ragnafy" application on your device, then open it.
  3. When launched click "Start Game".
  4. Choose Download all data if it ask you to download data. (Do not ignore, to prevent error in game).
  5. Enjoy Playing Ragnafy on your mobile device!

Having problems with your Ragnafy Updater?

  1. Download the Ragnafy Updater or Ragnafy Manual Patch here.
  2. Extract it to your existing Ragnafy directory.
  3. Run the updater/client.

Please make sure that you check the compatibility requirements for Ragnafy, follow the Installation guides properly in PC to prevent in-game problems and errors and to obtain good quality gaming experience. Thank you!