Server Status
Online Players 264
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Ragnafy is a new online neighborhood made unique from all the sprouting servers during this time of the pandemic. Besides being fair and putting server stability on top of our list, we focus on giving our players a variety of gameplay/meta choices; This is why we made Ragnafy. It is basically a Transcendence server that has an in-game meta for Pre-Trans/Classic players, and certain modes that can be fun for both. We have made improvements in the overlay, gameplay and overall features of the server to make it a better and advanced version of the classic & undying Ragnarok Online MMOPRG.

Server Information
Classic Transcendence
Max Level 99/50 99/70
Base Experience 7x 5x
Job Experience 7x 5x
Other Information
Normal Drop Rate 3x
Card Drop Rate
MvP Drop Rate 1x
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 190
Instant Cast 150
Max Storage 600
Max Zeny 2,000,000,000
Max Character Slots 15

Ragnarok has been evolving for the past years since it was created. Changes were made here and there either to make the game good or bad. We have experienced those changes first hand, so we know which is for better or for otherwise. We chose the modes that we our surveys told us to do so, and what we thought it is good. We included modes that we think are complex, and will fit to most player's preferences. We chose to make both metas (Classic and Trans) available so you can have the feel of both gameplays; The Transcendence skill burst damage in battle, or the simple yet very calculated-movements in the Classic world.

Besides doing the daily quests and the usual Player-Versus-Monster, Item hunting and level grinding, we made sure that you won't remain in that loop. We have a pool of possible events that are in the oven for everyone. These are events planned ahead from daily, weekly, monthly and special ones for different occasions and holidays; some are automated, some are spontaneous. This is to give players the chance to create and obtain seasonal and rare items that are of the same theme with the occasion, and only acquired during the event period. Also, this prevents our server from having the same events from others. Winning events will give you in-game prices that you can use in your benefit.

Player Battle Events that are prepared, reviewed properly and designed by our team members to make things a little more exciting. Player versus Player(PvP) modes are made separately for Pre-Trans/Classic and Transcendence classes, and a special room for both. We made this to give the PVP room privacy, and more options. PVP modes are made even more competitive by recognizing the participants' fight records; recognizing Top-killers by giving ranks and having to exchange the points earned by their efforts to items exclusive only to them. We also have a custom battleground for everyday skirmish. May it be for a few, a handful, or a full guild, we have things in store for you.