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We believe that everyone has a tool in his pocket and a different screw to tighten, so we made sure to build a solid foundation of a team, to make everything work in this server. Members of the team were hand picked and known to be the best in their crafts to make stability sure, balance and fun. All members including outsourced testers have more than enough experience to start up Ragnafy, for they were once very devoted players in different servers through the years then turned into very talented and fair developers.

Below are the architects of Ragnafy's world. We are very pleased to meet you.


This group is the server's mind and heart. Administrators are in charge to pump all the improvements to the whole moderator team to further improve Ragnafy. In charge basically of how they want the server to progress how it goes in a day-to-day basis, monthly changes and plotting of movements.

GM Zyr


GM Zyr has been a very good strategist in general; professional, fair and calm. Having years of work experiences in coding, development and having organized management skills, he will very much keep details in order. His priority of making balanced, reasonable and deep reviews of team-and-server suggestions will fuel his unbiased decision making. With his abilities to handle things properly plus the help from the GM Team he put together, a good world awaits.


Members of this group serve as the nerves of the server. If their inputs fail to go from all the points of the server, there will be a system failure. They are the ones who transmit all that is thought of by the admins and translate them in game. The ones in charge of the heavy stuff.

GM Rie


GM Rie's bread and butter are Implementation and Repair. Rie has been in the field of developing servers for a very long time, and all his experience led him to where he is now, learning more and creating Ragnafy. He puts all of the thoughts and suggestions made by the team to life, ensures that they are functional, and checks that errors and bugs don't go with them. Basically he puts all the chess pieces in their proper places.

Game Masters

These people are considered the hands of the server. They reach out to the players, make sure that things are put together and in harmony with each other. Helping the players in their concerns, making sure that rules are followed properly and to give everyone else a good time by holding events and get togethers.

GM Rika

Community / Event Game Master

GM Rika, on top of her list is to assist the players, help them in their adventures and to enforce rules of to keep the community toxic free, and fun place to be in. She observes everything that's happening in game, and gives all her feedbacks to the Admins and Devs. She also has knowledge and experience in the language of coding and development of a server which makes things even better for improvement. She is pretty much in charge of keeping the server interactive.

GM Ramen

Graphics and Designs

The one in charge of the colors, the paintbrush and the canvas. GM Ramen has been working with other games with graphics and overlays. Her imagination and her passion with digital art has brought her to places to create and to give life to her imaginations. Gaming and passion.

GM Tofu

Content Creation

GM Tofu, is responsible for most of the written content you see in-game, the site and the facebook page. Putting imagination into words, re-writing the past, future and present of characters found in game. Pre-occupying the mind with stories from different mythologies and storylines to further enhance creativity.