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You want to stream Ragnafy? Here are some of the requirements that you have to accomplish for the streamer partnership program:


Your application for streaming Ragnafy will be carefully reviewed by the board for approval. There will be certain areas to look at and a criteria to follow in order to be accepted as a streaming partner. Once approved, you will be contacted by the team with a confirmatory message that states your acceptance in the streamer program. We are looking forward to working with you!

Please send us via email ( your application starting by filling up the details below:
  • Full Name:
  • Personal Facebook Page:
  • Facebook Gaming Page Name: (Make sure to include proper links, url. etc)
  • A brief introduction about yourself: (Please include your expectations from partnering with Ragnafy)

Download Ragnafy Streamer Kit!


  1. The Facebook account that will be given to us must be legitimate, and so should the Facebook Page used to stream Ragnafy. Make sure to please include other Facebook Streaming Pages that you have just in case there are other pages being used. STRICTLY NO TROLL ACCOUNTS.
  2. You can be a CURRENT Streamer with a handful, a hundred or a thousand followers, OR you can be an ASPIRING streamer with no followers that would like to use Ragnafy as your foundation platform to start your streaming journey. Let us give mutual support in growing your page, and Ragnafy.
Again, please make sure to send us your requirements if our streaming
program has reached your interest at

Thank you! One world, One Ragnafy!